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Finally, the perfect laundry solution for RVs.

Size and convenience are the biggest issues when it comes to adding new fixtures to RVs. Whatever is added must be very functional, justify the space it uses, and above all be easy for the owner to use.

This is the exact design process behind the Pinnacle Super Combo 21 - 5500 XL. The Super Combo has the ability to get laundry sparkling clean while being easy to use, and efficient.

The Super Combo is a washing machine and a dryer in one unit. You put the clothes in, and they come out clean and dry without you having to do anything in between.

The Best Compact Combo in North America

The Super Combo is also very small compared to a normal washer. In fact, it’s only 24.8 inches deep so that it can fit any motor home or travel trailer.

Optional Venting OR Condensing

The best part is that if you ever want to move the machine elsewhere, it will work just fine. For instance, if you ever move the Super Combo to a place without traditional laundry hookups, the combo will connect there as well.

Finally, we made the Super Combo very energy efficient. It uses very little water, very little electricity, and puts out a very small amount of waste. The Combo not only meets federally mandated energy, but is also compliant with the much stricter 2018 standards. That means, in 5 years, it will still be in the same green league as brand new units.

Here are the basic tech specs and features for the Super Combo.

  • 15 Programed Functions
  • 18 Pound Laundry Capacity
  • Ultimate Convenience
  • Sanitize & Self - Clean
  • Allergen Cycle
  • Anti-Bacterial Drum Baffles
  • Quiet Cycle
  • Winterize
  • Child Lock
  • Colors - White, Blue, YELLOW/Black, GREEN/Black, RED/Black, BLUE/Black, WHITE/Black, SILVER/ Black, PERIWINKLE/Black