Super Combo’s innovative venting system provides flexibility and portability

HOUSTON (July 10, 2013) An innovative new laundry system that combines a washer and dryer in one compact, portable unit with dual venting options was announced today by Pinnacle Appliances President Atul Vir, who plans a roll-out of the product in July.

“The Pinnacle Super Combo™ is our 6th-generation single-unit washer/dryer––but with a unique new venting feature that allows consumers the option to make a choice,” said Vir, whose company launched the first Combo two decades ago. “With the touch of a button, the user can now decide whether to vent heat externally or to capture condensation internally and purge it through a drain hose.”

This convertible feature allows for flexibility and portability of the unit, making it ideal for boats, RVs and campers who use vented units, as well as in apartments and condominiums where traditional venting is not available. At only 24 inches wide, its compact size allows for use anywhere space is at a premium, including commercial and industrial uses, such as beauty salons, dental and medical offices. The front-loading single unit also makes laundry easier by eliminating the need to move a heavy, wet load from the washer to the dryer––a benefit for seniors and the physically challenged.

Designed in USA and assembled in a state-of-the-art facility in Asia, the new energy and water-saving Pinnacle Super Combo™ has a spin speed of 1000 RPMs and a capacity for 13 pounds of laundry. It also features high-tech electronic controls with a VFD-lit panel, a delayed start option, child safety lock, adjustable leveling legs, coin trap, add-a-sock option, and a wrinkle guard setting. An optional booster fan can be ordered to allow dryer venting for as far as 50 feet. All units are self-cleaning and are available in white or silver with a MSRP of $1,499 and $1,599. The Super Combo™ comes with a five-year limited warranty.

“As a product developer, we have tried to understand what the customers needs are for today. Our conclusion led us to believe that customers want flexibility to make choices in venting options, allowing installations in locations which were not available before, in addition to moving locations with their appliances in the future without being locked in” Vir said. “We’re looking at the future of laundry care in compact spaces––both in the United States and internationally.” Vir has been a pioneer in the design and development of the Combo Washer-Dryer and holds 15 patents in laundry technology.
More information on the Super Combo™ can be obtained on or by calling toll-free 866-218-6902.