Pinnacle’s Sleek and Convenient RV Refrigerator is Ready for any Adventure

Pinnacle’s Sleek and Convenient RV Refrigerator is  Ready for any Adventure

The RF 1012 RV Refrigerator is designed specifically for RVs like Class A and 5th Wheels. Simply store anything from two-liter bottles to all of your produce in 10 cubic feet of space. This freestanding or built-in model consists of both a refrigerator and freezer, measuring at 60 x 22.83 x 24.8 inches (HxWxD). Freezer temperatures can be adjusted between 10.4° F and -4° F, and the refrigerator between 32° F and 46.4° F. The RF 1012 DC S RV Refrigerator is built for reliability and convenience for on-the-road living. 


“Pinnacle is always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve. We are eager to solve problems before a solution has to be found. That is why our goal is to always create innovative and convenient appliances that elevate your way of life,” says Ariah Williams, of Pinnacle. Ensuring that your refrigerator and freezer are reliable is key to a peace of mind while traveling. Features to highlight are the temperature alarm, QR code to easily access the manual, gallon storage, regular bottle bin and LED lights. 


Taking a closer look at the more advanced qualities of the RF 1012 DC S, the RV refrigerator is powered with compressor cooling to maintain the perfect temperature while conserving energy. With the Eco Mode feature, the compressor and fan speed are reduced to conserve battery charge and minimize noise. Not only is there a reversible door, there are also adjustable shelves to tailor to your specific needs when it comes to storing your food and drinks. The Defrost Drain comes in handy for quickly and conveniently defrosting your freezer. During transit, the door lock feature is essential to ensure that all food and drinks are kept safe. Additionally, the Vibration Resistance feature is essential while you are traveling and on the road. Other noteworthy features include the Quick Cool Function, Temperature Alarm, the Crisper, and more. 


The RF 1012 DC S RV Refrigerator is advanced, convenient, reliable, and is covered by Pinnacle’s one-year parts and labor warranty. Available for MSRP $xxxx on the Pinnacle Combos website.


Pinnacle Appliances, founded in 1982, is well known in the RV industry as a pioneer of the all-in-one washer-dryer combo. Our product line includes combo washer-dryers, washing machines, dryers, stackable washer-dryers, microwaves, wine coolers and induction cooktops. 

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