Pinnacle Releases Brand New Single-Burner Induction Cooktop Ahead of the 2023 Camping Season

Pinnacle Releases Brand New Single-Burner Induction Cooktop Ahead of the 2023 Camping Season


Pinnacle is proud to announce the release of their brand new 11-inch Portable Single-Burner Induction Cooktop with Aluminum Handle. Launching ahead of the official start of the 2023 camping season, owners of RVs and fifth wheel vehicles will have ample time to explore the exciting features that come standard with this innovative, safe, and highly portable way of heating almost any dish imaginable.

“We’re confident that novice and seasoned campers alike will be pleased with the flexibility, safety, and effectiveness of our new single-burner induction cooktop,” said Beverly  of Pinnacle. “Whether you already have a stove installed in your RV or fifth wheel, or are looking for a cooktop, this is a great primary and secondary option.”


Available in five distinct color options — black, blue, copper, lilac, and silver — coordinating the cooktop to any interior design is a breeze. The freestanding appliance measures in at 2.5 x 11 x 15.5 (HxWxD in inches), and weighs just six and a half pounds, making it an ideal portable cooktop for people who routinely travel.


As an induction cooktop that is suitable for large pots and pans, this device works with induction cookware via its powerful copper coil, which sends magnetic energy directly to the cookware. With 1400W rated power, the single burner can boil six cups of water in only two minutes. Users can choose between six different heat levels to meet their individual needs. Thanks to its smart design, this single burner cooktop is way more efficient than traditional gas or electric coils.


On top of its superior heating abilities and energy efficiency, this portable cooktop is also extremely safe. Energy is only transferred when the cooktop recognizes magnetic pots and pans, and if any overheating or voltage issues occur, the cooktop will automatically shutdown.


Pinnacle’s 11-inch Portable Single-Burner Induction Cooktop with Aluminum Handle can now be purchased through Pinnacle, as well as through retailers nationwide.


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